Angie Weyant is a highly energetic builder who is known for her strong work ethic and team-building skills. She has developed deep relationships with people in the field and now acts as the leader of DPR’s Craft People Practices efforts. Angie focuses on hiring, inspiring, developing, and growing Craft employees through providing the best tools, benefits, mentorship, and growth opportunities.

Angie is not only committed to DPR, but to her community, as well. As part DPR’s Community Initiatives Leadership Group, the Girlstart National Board and the Girl Advocacy League, which benefits the Girls Empowerment Network, she embodies DPR’s values of being integral and indispensable to the communities in which we live, work and serve.

  • Integrity – Authenticity and honesty is everything to me.
  • I love getting to be able to connect with so many different kinds of people on the jobsite and learn from them – especially the Craft.
  • Definitely teleportation. I love to travel!
  • My parents. Both my mom and my dad have built an incredible life for me and my brother filled with love, grace and understanding. They are my role models, and they continue to show me ways to develop and grow even today.

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