Digital Building Components

Account Executive - DBC

Phoenix, AZ

Posted May 6, 2024

Digital Building Components, a part of the DPR family of companies, is seeking an individual with Business Development and with at least 3 years of commercial construction and/or insurance industry to be an Account Executive.

The successful applicant will possess the following skills;

Market Analysis

  • Share Healthcare Core Market opportunities, trends and best practices
  • Identify Target Healthcare Customers
  • Identify Key Consultants/Trade Partners (in Healthcare)
  • Competitor SWOT analysis and insights 
  • Develop Doer/Sellers in Healthcare Market
  • Establish Healthcare Sales Goals
  • Track/Report/Recalibrate Healthcare Goals
  • Establish & Track Healthcare BD Budget
  • Select Customer Appreciation Opportunities (Sports Tix, etc.)
  • Participate in Weekly BD Meeting (Monday 2:30PM in SF) and Monthly BD (2nd Tuesday in RWC)
  • Share Info with Other Regions for National Healthcare Customers
  • Target National/Local Events for attendance & sponsorship
  • Client Events at DPR offices – Marketing, getting the right who’s, follow-up 
  • Engage and lead the Phoenix Area Healthcare Core Market Group

Customer Development

  • Customer Capture Tools
  • Decision Makers & Influencers & Current Events             
  • ‘Zipper’ with Target Customers
  • Analyze Red Zone Characteristics
  • GM Analysis (Customer History)
  • Shed Bad Customers
  • Customer Info in Pipeline
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Marketing Strategy for new clients
  • Connections with other offices


  • Customer Data Mining
  • Differentiators Worksheet (Customer Specific)
  • Opportunities to Win Without Competition or Influence the RFP
  • Target Healthcare Customer Events (Instructional Opportunities & Fun Events)


  • Go/No Go Analysis of Healthcare Pursuits
  • Challenger Sale Strategies
  • Commercial Insight 
  • Consensus Sales
  • Drive Project Capture Tool Discussion
  • Identify DPR Pursuit Team Early RFP & Interview
  • Identify Proposal Lead
  • Differentiators Worksheet (Project Specific)
  • Develop Proposal Theme (using CCT and PCT)
  • GM Calculator (Project Specific)
  • Provide content and proof Proposal Content
  • Interview Prep
  • Post GM Calculator, Differentiators Worksheet, Proposal Response and Interview Presentations in Pipeline
  • Quality control of all marketing pieces that go out 

Negotiating & Closing

  • Interview Follow Up – Questions left unanswered, additional insights
  • Identify Concession Strategy


  • Post Mortem Reasons for Win or Loss
  • Customer Follow Up for Team Performance
  • Update Pipeline (Team, Description, Budget, Post Mortem, etc.)
  • Schedule CSS Reviews
  • Help Identify Newsworthy Stories on Healthcare projects
  • Visit jobsites

Profile/ Candidate Characteristics

  • DPR Culture fit
  • Passion around Healthcare
  • Great Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Relator
  • Responsive
  • Team Player
  • Collaborative
  • Positive reputation within industry
  • Core Market knowledge
  • Existing network
  • External ambassador at industry events 
  • Proven history of success

We are looking for a flexible, detail-oriented team player with the ability to manage multiple tasks, produce quality work, and consistently meet deadlines. The successful candidate will possess:

  • Excellent listening skills and have strong communication skills.
  • Ability to identify and resolve complex issues.
  • Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Positive reputation within industry.
  • Core Market knowledge.
  • Existing network.
  • External ambassador at industry events.
  • Proven history of success.
  • 3+ years of experience within the Construction and/or Insurance Industry.
  • A strong work ethic and a “can-do” attitude.
  • This position is salaried.


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