Quality Control Manager

Orlando, FL

Posted Nov 17, 2022

Position Overview

The SurePods Orlando Quality Control Manager will assure SurePods will meet or exceed all contractual and submittal requirements from pod production to pod installation and final customer acceptance. 

Supervises staff and oversees product development procedures to ensure that products meet quality and efficiency standards. The Quality Control Manager will also work with clients to ensure the final products meet their needs and requirements.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee the quality team daily and weekly duties ensuring they are aligned with scheduled production goals.
  • Establish areas of responsibilities for quality across the production floor.
  • Establish the quality checkpoints and checklists for each new project.
  • Active member of the safety team and incorporate safety into all quality activities.
  • Maintain SurePods quality manual with updates and inspection milestones.  Includes at minimum the following
    • Ensuring we are current with 3rd party inspectors.
    • Schedule and coordinate with third-party inspection teams to align with scheduled production commitments.
  • Develop and drive Quality OKR’s progression/completion, including participation in regular progress meetings.
  • Lead start strong, going strong, finish strong meeting series with action items.
  • Maintain LivSYT project module management and be point of contact for LivSYT development team.
  • Maintain the quality tracker to drive action items and process updates.
  • Proctor the weekly quality meeting and go over the quality tracker and agenda.
  • Proctor the bi-weekly quality meeting with Phoenix where we share lessons learned.
  • Send out the weekly quality report and store the reports on BOX.
  • Work with clients in the precon phase to establish customized quality checkpoints for each project.
  • Maintain the damage material program and ensure we are maintaining quality material management.
  • Continuously review existing processes and strive for improvement.
  • Be able to prepare and present custom reports pulling from the quality records for clients and Leadership team.
  • Maintain proper records of quality testing, procedures and standards.
  • Coordinate Quality team staffing and scheduling to support production schedules.
  • Be the main point of contact for our third-party accredited inspection partner (Intertek)
    • Submit drawing packages to them during the precon phase.
    • Maintain a weekly to bi-weekly inspection schedule, dependent on project.
    • Alert the team of any changes with the project through the production phase.
  • Be the main point of contact for our third-party steel inspection partner (ICC-NTA)
    • Wall build scans the physical material tag, and the QC manager saves the physical tag for at least two years.
    •  ICC comes once every 18-24 months for an audit to check the scans and physical tags.
  • Conduct an annual quality manual group review with internal team.
  • Be involved in pod drawing review/page turns.  Ensure if changes arise, they are documented for record.
  • Responsible for maintaining roll forming paperwork of production runs.
  • Responsible for all coil MTR’s, including filing, document retention.
  • Create and report out any NCR’s for material that arise and ensure the material is tagged properly and placed in the designated NCR area.
  • Develop any SOP’s that are needed for team members to perform their duties.

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