Superintendent - Concrete Placing & Finishing

Redwood City, CA • San Francisco, CA

Posted Nov 15, 2022

DPR Construction is seeking a self-perform Concrete Place & Finish superintendent with at least 10 years of commercial concrete construction experience. Previous experience is required within cast-in-place flatwork/sitework, parking structures, and mid-rise to high rise construction. Superintendents work closely with all members of the project team and supervise all craft employees. They will be responsible for the following:
•    Oversee and mentor assistant superintendents, foremen, and project engineers in concrete placing and finishing responsibilities.
•    Assist with procurement of tools and equipment to be most cost effective, productive, while providing superior quality of workmanship.
•    Coordinate placing/finishing jobsite logistics and maintain relationships with project site teams.
•    Lead DPR’s injury-free environment safety program, by example.
•    Coordinate and communicate these efforts in alignment with site team’s Superintendent’s plans and schedules
•    Foster the development of mason foreman to grow into future placing and finishing superintendents.
•    Professionally represent DPR field operations as primary interface with site teams, owner and design team.
•    Oversee and manage production to budgeted expectations

Along with additional Place & Finish duties including:
•    Reviewing and commenting of mix designs place-ability and finishing.
•    These will require that the project team, sends mix designs to P&F Superintendent with a brief description of what is being placed, when it is being placed and unusual conditions (this could be inside a building with no windows, doors, or air flow and at night). 
•    Look at a pour set up prior to concrete being placed. Ideally this will occur at a minimum of seventy-two hours in advance. 
•    Stop by a project and help with set up, pump placement and size of pump and system needs 
•    Staff a concrete pour with adequate manpower and a complete understanding of the budget prior to pouring any concrete. 
•    Organize and delivery concrete equipment to the project, trowel machines, riders, tires and making sure that all the masons and labors have all the tools necessary to be successful. 
•    Review time that was entered for the pour crew to assure its accuracy. 
•    Participate in planning meetings with the GC when asked to do so for alignment
•    Identify any areas of concern for the upcoming pour and relay it to the project team within 24 hours of identifying issue.
•    Maintain all place and finish equipment 
•    Help dispatch Masons and Labors to assure we have the right crew on each pour. Staffing Masons and Labors when not on a pour
•    Providing a post rate production report (will only be used on large slab pours/deck pours). Anything with finish types/FF/FL.
•    Provide a plus/delta for these pours to the project team
•    Plan for FF/FL success with pour group and relay this to the project team
•    Manage saw cutting operation and equipment
•    Hire and layoff all masons and labors for concrete pours
•    Visit projects as requested by the project team to assist with placing and finishing questions
•    Be available to review estimates when asked to for placing and finishing 
•    Hold all masons and labors on pours accountable to safety, quality, and production goals 
•    Answer any issues that the project team brings up regarding pour issues

We are looking for a flexible, detail-oriented team player with the ability to manage multiple tasks, produce quality work, and consistently meet deadlines. The successful candidate will possess:
•    Excellent listening skills and strong communication skills.
•    Driven to continuously improve and build great things
•    Driven to coach and mentor others to make the team successful.
•    Ability to identify and resolve complex issues.
•    Effective participation in a team environment.
•    Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite, project management software (Prolog or similar), and scheduling software (Primavera or similar).
•    A strong work ethic and winning mindset is a must.
•    Great team player and leader
•    This position is salaried.


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