The Information Technology Services (ITS) building project included the demolition of an existing building and construction of a new, stand-alone, five-story, 100,000-sq.-ft. facility that serves as the central control and distribution of IT services for the entire UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Flexible office space was installed comprised of an access flooring system, under-floor air distribution, and under-floor power and telecommunications networks for 60% of the overall building square footage.

The campus IT infrastructure is supported by a 17,000-sq.-ft machine room within the ITS building which houses the main data center serving both campus enterprise (email, course registration, etc.) and research computing operations.  Both the machine room and associated control room are supported by an interior building generator, UPS battery backup system, chilled water and refrigerant cooled Liebert units, power distribution units serving overhead bus duct, and a chemical fire suppression system.

All critical systems needed for the function of the computer systems were planned to have 100% redundancy.

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