DPR Construction renovated approximately 11,500-sq.-ft. of the American Red Cross Durham Regional Blood Center in Durham, NC. This project consisted of a three-phased renovation of the manufacturing, kitting, and distribution areas of the building on the second floor, which was constructed in early 1991, and the relocation of the employee breakroom and testing laboratory to the first floor.

In the first phase of the project, DPR completely demolished the existing kitting space and part of the manufacturing space and reconstructed it as a manufacturing space to bring the operation up to 21st century standards. Part of this renovation involved a replacement of an existing rooftop air handling unit which served several areas and could only be out of service for a 24 hour period. In addition, the first phase included a new employee breakroom on the first floor in the former visitor seating area and a testing laboratory in the former location of the caged supply area.

The second phase commenced in mid-February 2009 and was completed in June 2009. This involved the complete demolition of the remaining manufacturing space and some of the existing distribution areas to make way for new cold rooms and a labeling room. Also, in this phase, a rooftop air handling unit was replaced similarly to the one replaced in the first phase.

The third and final phase commenced in June 2009 and was completed in late July 2009. This phase involved the renovation of existing office areas and the construction of new employee locker rooms in a space that was used as office space.

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