The Georgia State University Natural Science Center Project included renovation and upgrade of the laboratory exhaust system. The project entailed replacement of all existing utility type fume hood exhaust fans with multiple clustered, manifold type, high-velocity exhaust systems and retrofitting of the existing fume hood exhaust control system.

DPR replaced 157 chemical fume hood exhaust fans on the roof and changed the laboratory exhaust system into 10 new variable speed Strobic Exhaust Fans. In addition, they installed new Stainless Steel duct risers and headers and installed new variable pressurization control valves in all laboratories in the Natural Science Building. The project required rebuilding and restoring to specified performance the existing three building axial supply air fans. Finally, DPR commissioned and rebalanced all new laboratories, laboratory controls, and exhaust fans and conducted ASHRAE 110 tests on all 157 chemical fume hoods. The delivery method for the project was CM/GC.

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