DPR was awarded the design-build, multi-phase replacement of Moffitt Magnolia Campus’ Central Energy Plant (CEP) and Central Electrical Plant building addition. The new two-story Central Electrical Plant building with three 13.2kv 3-MW emergency generators, essential paralleling gear, normal medium voltage gear, 13.2 medium voltage utility boxcar from utility provider. The Electrical building will be connected to the cooling towers by a connecting bridge. The CEP project also includes seven new medium voltage centrifugal chillers totaling 10,000 tons of cooling, upgrading the existing primary-secondary chilled water pumping system to an efficient variable flow-primary chilled water pumping system, and associated piping and controls, five new crossflow cooling towers totaling 10,000 tons of cooling, three new dual fuel condensing water gas fired boilers totaling 18,000 MBH, three 30 HP heating hot water pumps five 250 HP condenser water pumps, and two new firetube steam boilers totaling 10,600 pounds per hour, three new boiler feedwater pumps, one deaerator, and associated medium pressure and low pressure steam distribution piping with condensate return system and controls. It also includes a new emergency generator fuel oil system complete with three 26,400-gallon double walled UL 2085 fuel oil tanks, fuel oil polishing system, pumps, and associated supply and return piping with integral containment system. The phasing is as follows:

Phase 1A.1:

  • Temporary replacement of aged Cooling Towers and Condenser Pumps.
  • Six (6) 1000-Ton temporary Cooling Towers providing N+1 redundancy.
  • Four (4) 350-HP temporary condenser water pumps providing N+1 redundancy.
  • Two (2) 24” Hot Taps performed on existing 24” Condenser Water piping with ZERO unplanned cooling outages to Hospital.

Phase 1A.2:

  • Replacement of aged Cooling Towers and Condenser water Pumps.
  • New 6,000-Tons of new efficient Cooling Tower capacity providing N+1 redundancy.
  • Four (4) new efficient 125-HP Condenser Water Pumps.
  • New elevated Steel Structure for Cooling Towers and piping.

Phase 1B:

  • New 13.2 kVA medium voltage service from service provider.
  • New 9,000-sq.-ft. 2-story elevated Central Electrical Plant over existing storm water retention pit.
  • 6-Megawatts of Emergency Generators (Future total 9-Megawatts).
  • New 53,000-Gallon Fuel Oil System (Future total 79,000-Gallons).
  • Connector bridge from new Central Electrical Plant to Cooling Towers.

Future Phases:

  • Expand Chilled Water Plant Capacity 60% to 8,000-Tons of total cooling while providing N+1 redundancy.
  • Expand Emergency Generation and associated Fuel-Oil System.
  • Back-feed Chilled Water to existing campus buildings to eliminate existing campus Air Cooled Chiller Plants.

When the team reaches substantial completion of all phases, the chilled water plant will be expanded to 8,000 tons of total cooling. The Moffitt Magnolia Campus’ Central Energy Plant will remain online during ongoing operations on the active campus, and the project will be AHCA Inspected.

BIM Features

We know hospitals rely on us to keep their power going. To avoid interruptions, it’s important to do some soft digging to expose any issues original site plans may have left out. VDC allows us to “walk through” the project and see the phasing sequences and operation - testing for timing, accuracy, impacts - BEFORE construction begins. Our team utilized our laser scanning expertise to visualize the one-hundred-year floodplain elevation, to identify any potential risks before construction begins. Additionally, our team used a penetrating radar to follow chilled water lines and discover any issues that may arise underground. Using models we can test existing conditions, dimensions, planning, logistics, communications, and execution tracking of projects - to ensure the piping is installed correctly the first time.

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