DPR's third project on the City of Hope campus was the Gonda Center, which broke ground following a highly successful design phase aided by the team's adoption of an IPD approach. EwingCole, also the architect on the Amini Center project, the owner, and DPR initially contemplated proceeding under an Integrated Form of Agreement, a multiparty contract where the owner, designers and contractors share risks and rewards.

While the parties ultimately entered into a different form of agreement for the project, they did employ certain processes consistent with principles of IPD.

“DPR has worked on several IPD projects, and we are a huge supporter of lean, integrated project delivery systems, along with the use of BIM,” said Seastrom. “City of Hope, particularly Dick Thompson, wanted to implement processes consistent with IPD on the Gonda project.”

During the design phase, the team brought on design/build MEP subcontractors to participate in the Target Value Design (TVD) process, a lean construction tool that incorporates cost as a factor in design to minimize waste and create greater value. The idea is that once a target cost is set for a project it should never be exceeded.

The new four-story research laboratory facility, connected to an existing structure, doubled the space for investigations into diabetes and other serious metabolic diseases. The facility achieved LEED-NC Silver certification.

BIM Features

  • Proposal
  • Development of Project Documents
  • Coordination of MEP & Fire Protection Systems

Green Features

Green features include:

  • Use of low-VOC paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets
  • Installation of photovotalic panels for on-site renewable energy
  • Water use reduction by 43% with low-flow fixtures
  • Use of FSC Certified Wood Products
  • Water-efficient landscaping
  • Minimized light pollution from building and site
  • Reduced potable water consumption by 54% for irrigation
  • Currently tracking at 80% recycled waste
  • Minimum of 10% of the building will be constructed from recycled materials

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