When Amylin needed to expand its office and laboratory space, they called upon DPR to fast-track a 72,000-sq.-ft. renovation and retrofit within a 15-year-old building.

“The customer had three main goals for the project: schedule, cost and recycle,” said DPR's Carlos Crabtree. “By salvaging a majority of the existing building's materials, we met all three.” DPR kept all the cabinet boxes and benches, salvaged more than 75 percent of the casework, reused existing fume hoods and recycled acoustical ceiling tiles. An existing cold room was refurbished and other specialty items were pulled from the existing structure during demolition and reincorporated into the new facility. “Every effort was made to use as much as possible and minimize material going to local landfills,” said Crabtree.

This approach proved not only to be good for the environment, but for savings and the schedule as well. While there was a premium on the demolition, similar new casework systems would have cost considerably more. In addition, using existing casework took lead time out of the equation and allowed DPR to shave extra weeks off the schedule by self-performing the retrofit and installation. As a result, the project's certificate of occupancy was received one day ahead of schedule and what would have been an eight month job was completed in six months.

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