Knoll, a contract furniture manufacturer headquartered in East Greenville, PA, teamed with DPR Construction and Interior Architects to complete an 8,500-sq.-ft. showroom in downtown San Francisco. The Knoll project is among the first to achieve Silver LEED certification under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)'s Pilot Project for Commercial Interiors v2.1.

From the onset of the project, many strategies were utilized to achieve the goal of Silver certification. In order to manage and improve indoor air quality, materials were carefully selected and specified, including low-VOC carpets, paints and adhesives. To reduce waste and the demand for virgin materials, many of the existing architectural features of the showroom, as well as office furnishings, were maintained. The USGBC recognized these efforts by awarding the Innovation in Design LEED credit for exceeding the existing standards for incorporating re-used and salvaged materials. Furthermore, through careful consideration in design, each of the space's occupants has multiple access points to exterior views.

Green Features

Silver LEED for Commercial Interiors certified (one of the first to achieve Silver certification under the U.S. Green Building Council's pilot project)

  • Low VOC carpets, paints and adhesives
  • Reused and salvaged materials
  • Multiple access points to exterior views

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