The Eastside Medical Center Renovations consisted of four individual phases of interior renovations at the Admissions and Emergency Room areas comprising 5,756 sq. ft. The scope of work included: demolition, drywall partitions, medical casework, finishes, medical gases, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, electrical, fire alarm and communications upgrades.

With the renovated areas remaining in full operation throughout construction, it was imperative that the renovations not disturb the ongoing operations for the emergency room, day surgery suites or the adjacent patient rooms. ICRA plans were formulated well before the beginning of each phase and modified as necessary during the project in close coordination with the hospital’s infection control officer. Due to the rapid turnover of each phase, it was critical that DPR not have a punchlist to allow the hospital to occupy the renovated spaces immediately upon completion. Through our Zero Defects program, we were able to turn over each phase the day following final inspections and immediately begin work on the next phase.

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