The Georgia Southern University Student Housing Project known as “Centennial Place” is located in the heart of the Georgia Southern University campus.  The $40 million project consists of 4 buildings encompassing 377,000 sq. ft., housing 392 units with a total capacity of 1,001 beds. 

Described by University officials as a “a model for the future,” Centennial Place features a variety of room types, from one bedroom units to super-suites with individual bedrooms, laundry rooms and shared living and kitchen spaces. The development also features multi-use classrooms, computer labs, gaming rooms, a food court, print shop, a convenience store and an optometry store. 

The University designed the buildings with deliberate attention to the comforts of the students, including details such as sound attenuation treatments at each floor level to minimize noise transmission between floors. The buildings provide wireless and hard-wired connection to the internet, allowing the students to study and “be connected” anywhere in the facility. Common rooms provide a place for a large number of students to gather for meetings or recreation, along with the food court and gaming rooms.

On the outside, each building overlooks a landscaped courtyard complete with such site amenities as bike racks, masonry planters and seat walls.  A decorative combination of brick pavers and concrete sidewalks provide walking paths between the building and on site sports courts and barbecue areas, encouraging outdoor activity and gatherings. The housing complex's geographic location to campus and The Southern Express bus stops, Georgia Southern’s transit system, allows students without a car to freely get to and from campus.

Through the cooperation of all development team members and a complex phasing and logistics plan, the project completed ahead of schedule and under budget while maintaining a safe environment in the hustle bustle of an active university campus.

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