This project consisted of the renovation of an existing cardiac laboratory into an interventional radiology laboratory at the Carroll Hospital Center.

Located in the heart of the cardiac unit, the lab was adjacent to two functioning cath labs, the c-suite and sleep lab across the hall, and one of the main hospital corridors. The proximity of the lab to other functioning areas required the team to be very cautious of the noise throughout construction. 

The state-of-the-art GE equipment that was installed required a flat floor for the robotic equipment to move on. The proprietary resinous flooring product, manufactured in Belgium, was installed by the one and only GE-approved flooring installer in the country. The flooring had several requirements that had to be met, including floor flatness, floor levelness, adhesion, moisture, hardness and traction. 

In addition, during the installation, fumes had to be exhausted directly to the outside. This proved challenging due to the product’s narrow temperature window of 65 to 68 degrees.

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