This was DPR’s first SSG (Special Services Group) interior renovation project at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. The project provided a new biplane room and control room, and included coordination and removal of owner equipment. It consisted of an 895-sq.-ft. renovation of an existing catheterization laboratory and control room at the hospital.

Because the hospital’s MRI suite was adjacent to the renovation, the project team had to be sensitive to the hospital’s patients and coordinate their work with the MRI suite’s cases. The SPW (Self-Perform Work) team provided a complete demolition.

One of DPR’s differentiators was the set-up of the job; the team installed a temporary partition that integrated seamlessly with the adjacent walls, keeping construction segregated from the patient care areas. The Facilities Director found this technique so useful that he began requiring this type of partition at other construction sites on campus.

This was an AHCA-inspected (Agency for Healthcare Administration) project.

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