Delivering two five-story buildings joined by a four-story Lobby Building and a stand-alone Central Utility Building is a demanding task when you endorse an aggressive schedule in the midst of an extended and stretched subcontractor market. Nevertheless, DPR’s commitment to quality is evident at the new 27-acre campus in Temecula, California.

Building F accommodates 33,000-sq.-ft. of lab and office space and capacity for a 132,000-sq.-ft. future manufacturing warehouse, two floors for clean room manufacturing space, and cleanroom support. Building G is comprised of 165,000-sq.-ft. of office space with a cafeteria and fitness center. The new buildings surround a tree-filled courtyard and connect to the existing facility with a pedestrian bridge over a thoroughfare.

DPR joined a dynamic team to transform a parking lot into the core and shell campus Buildings F and G. This team functioned very effectively in making decisions by analyzing schedule, budget, and aesthetics concerns.

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