A 31,000-pound air handler was placed on the hospital's roof, directly above the blood bank.
DPR self-performed the tilt-wall for Scott & White Health Plan's new office building using 52-ft.-long panels.
Technical competency and teamwork led to the award of the 44,000-sq.-ft. genomics laboratory renovation.

Scott & White

Series of Successful Laboratory and Hospital Renovations Lead to Big Awards from Texas Healthcare Giant

At 4,000 sq. ft. and won on a hard bid, DPR’s first project with Scott & White could have been dismissed as a routine job. But for DPR, the Temple, TX, renovation represented more than just the build out of a laboratory; it was a chance to build a lasting relationship with the largest multi-specialty healthcare practice in Texas.

The project, awarded in 2007 and designed by architect Jacobs, involved renovating a shell space to laboratory for cancer research. Though small, DPR Project Manager Richard Osburn said it was evident from the beginning that the project wouldn’t be simple. Because it was situated in an occupied facility, slab cuts and other disruptive work required precise orchestration to avoid unplanned interruptions.

Additionally, when it came time to add a steel mezzanine within the facility, DPR identified a serious concern. “The column footings were in direct conflict with existing underfloor plumbing,” Osburn said. Working under the guidance of a structural engineer, DPR was able to modify the installation to allow for plumbing without compromising the structural integrity.

Throughout the process, DPR put an emphasis on gaining the trust of the owner—an effort that paid off. “Laboratories are complicated—even small ones,” said Justin Johnson, director of design and construction for Scott & White. “DPR manned the project appropriately and made our lives easier. They executed all of the typical CM activities, but they did so a bit better than others. Their process was smoother, more efficient and transparent.”

According to Johnson, DPR’s technical competency and focus on teamwork factored into it being awarded the 44,000-sq.-ft. Dr. Prockop Genomics Laboratory Renovation, which was completed in January 2009. Since its first collaboration, DPR has continued to prove itself as not only a lab contractor but also a hospital builder.

“DPR’s first project on the healthcare side was a 20,000-sq.-ft. office renovation on the seventh floor of an operating hospital,” said Wayne Fontenot, project executive for DPR. “The successful execution of that project, along with additional work by DPR teams, helped solidify our reputation as a hospital builder able to take on larger projects. Our relationship with Scott & White is the result of an entire work force of DPR folks.”

Over the past three years, DPR has been awarded a total of 16 projects with Scott & White, including:

  • Round Rock Campus hospital expansion project, expected to wrap up in early 2012;
  • Scott & White Health Plan Office Building, scheduled for completion?in September;
  • renovation to main hospital campus in Temple, TX, consisting of operating rooms and linear accelerator;
  • multiple projects for Round Rock hospital, such as angiography and CT scan renovations;
  • King’s Daughters Children’s Hospital conversion, scheduled for completion at the end of 2011.

Scott & White

Scott & White employs more than 800 physicians and research scientists who care for patients covering 25,000 square miles across Central Texas. Scott & White Healthcare is a fully integrated health system—the largest multi-specialty practice in Texas and the sixth largest group practice in the nation.

  • Total of 16 projects awarded to DPR by Scott & White in less than three years
  • Precise scheduling ensured no unplanned interruptions to adjacent lab facilities
  • MEP competency aided in devising a solution for an unexpected conflict involving the steel mezzanine

DPR manned the project appro- priately and made our lives easier. They executed all of the typical CM activities, but they did so a bit better than others. Their process was smoother”, more efficient and transparent.

Justin Johnson
Director of Design and Construction for Scott & White

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