The DPR Model Slicer facilitates the creation of 3D building sections from an Autodesk Revit Architecture model.

BIM Tools

The DPR Model Slicer, a free Autodesk® Revit® Architecture plug-in, is now available for download on the DPR website, (Look for “Resources+” in the upper right corner of the homepage.) Compatible with Revit 2009, 2010 and 2011, the DPR Model Slicer facilitates the creation of 3D building sections or “slices” from a Revit model, providing a faster way to section a model by individual floors.

“The MEP and design coordination effort within a building can be daunting, especially if you attempt to coordinate the entire building at once,” said Justin Schmidt, BIM manager at DPR. “At a minimum, we usually want to be able to break the building into individual floors, and coordinate floor-by-floor, which can currently be a time-consuming process in Revit.”

The DPR Model Slicer, written with the help of Vantage Development, allows not only the creation of any building slices needed but also the ability to save and share those settings for use by other users or recalled for future models issued for the project.

“Experience has taught us that no two models are the same, depending upon who developed it,” said Schmidt. “Therefore, our plug-in needed to be as flexible as possible to adapt to the different drawing possibilities. In the future, we hope to take our practical experience and create more plug-ins to help the industry better utilize the various BIM software programs available for construction, coordination and estimating.” for download.