Great Things: Issue 3

When DPR was founded in 1990, it was on the idea that if you hire great people and you let them do the right things, and help them achieve their highest potential, you’ll get great results. And if you achieve great results every time, you not only build great projects and a strong reputation, but most importantly, you build raving fans.

This year, as we celebrate three decades of DPR, we want to thank our customers, employees, partners, families and friends. You inspire us as we march toward our mission to become one of the most admired companies by the year 2030. What does it mean to be most admired? It means we’ll be recognized for progressive and influential people practices and being integral and indispensable to our communities.

That’s why we’re focused on a more robust global social responsibility framework; one that supports being diverse, equitable and inclusive, takes ownership of our role as environmental stewards, and gives back to our communities.We are committed to transforming the industry through quality and innovation, building a consistent and positive brand image, and being aggressive and bullet smart in our ability to execute projects and serve our customers. We are a builder on a mission. We hope you enjoy this issue of Great Things as we continue to work together to keep our industry and the world moving ever forward.

Thank you.

DPR Management Committee
Atul, Dave, George, Greg, Jody, Mark, Matt, Michele, Mike

Editor's Note: Some of the images in this issue were taken prior to COVID-19 protocols.

Featured Story

30 Years and Ever Forward

Construction is a people business. By providing a cultural foundation focused on people, aligned by common goals and a commitment to operational excellence, DPR is creating a blueprint for delivering great results every time. Take a deep dive into the lessons learned that continue to shape its business, culture and people.

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In This Edition

Q&A: DPR's Journey to Empowering Authenticity

Stacee Barkley, DPR's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) leader, shares how DEI fits into the company's overall approach to global social responsibility and DPR's journey to becoming a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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EHS Protocols, Fewer Guests Mean Opportunity for Major Hilton Renovation in Houston

Learn how a high-profile project at Houston's largest hotel, the Hilton Americas-Houston, continued to push forward in the midst of a crisis. Armed with a response plan and strong team, renovation work continued in an active hotel with safety as a top concern.

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Arizona Stadium Upgrade Receives an Assist from VDC

With DPR's Special Services Group and VDC team involved, the renovation at the The University of Arizona's Skybox club was a success. Discover how quality, precision, speed and virtual reality lead to scoring big at the football stadium.

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Building for Resilience in Workspaces: A Series

What will commercial spaces look like when offices open? In a four-part series, DPR experts discuss ways to build resiliency into workspaces as business open.

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Virtual Design and Construction Proves Its Worth in a Changing Environment

While industries and companies learn to adapt their workflows, DPR is among those using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to navigate constraints resulting from recent disruptions. Leveraging the model to preplan increases efficiency and reduces re-work, which is critical when managing limited crews sizes such as the ones seen on jobsites today. See how DPR is putting VDC to work on some of its projects.

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At NIH, Prefabrication Delivers Quality on Schedule

DPR installed 10 prefabricated modules for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)'s Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) Cell Processing Facility project in Bethesda, Maryland. Learn how prefabrication delivers quality on schedule.

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DPR Construction Bridges a Gap and Drives Chiller Ingenuity at Baptist Health’s Jacksonville Campus

DPR's project team in Jacksonville continued to raise industry standards with a recent bridge placement at Baptist Medical Center and Wolfson Children's Hospital. The bridge, along with the overall hospital project, is one of the largest self-perform concrete projects DPR has worked on in the region.

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Improving Installation Workflow with the Digital Building Components App

Communicating installation sequences for prefabricated systems can be challenging, so a seamless installation plan is key. DPR's strategic partner, Digital Building Components, has an app that streamlines communication while enabling earlier and more detailed sequencing.

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Going Virtual: Community Initiatives Continue Across DPR

While community service might look a little different these days, DPR's commitment to building possibilities for the under-resourced remains consistent when shifting youth education programming from in-person to virtual. Here's a few highlights from recent events around the U.S.

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Hindsight 2020: Upfront Costs Bring Long-Term Benefits

Spend a little upfront, save a lot later. This issue's What's the Word covers how projects can often avoid spending more due to unforeseen issues in the field. Hear from DPR experts about four specific ways to prevent unwanted disruptions.

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