Great Things: Issue 2

When we envisioned this issue of Great Things, we wanted to share where DPR is headed: showcasing stories of how our people, partners, customers and communities push our industry in innovative and ever forward ways. We also want to acknowledge today’s ever-changing environment, which has given rise to an uncertainty that currently underpins everyone’s way of life. We assure you that DPR remains committed to taking care of our people, projects and customers.

In times like these, we reflect on DPR’s own history. The last two decades taught us a lot about increasing our ability to master our own fate, despite the impact of external factors that we cannot control. We believe that working together and leveraging our collective strengths are key in a shifting economic and industry landscape.

As we expand our capabilities to meet the needs of the future, we are laser-focused on protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and project teams. We are also committed to testing, investing and scaling strategies to deliver high-quality projects more efficiently.Three such strategies, prefabrication, Virtual Design and Construction, and self-perform work, are highlighted in the stories that follow.

We remain hopeful that even while we are encouraged to physically distance ourselves, we will come together in mind and spirit, collaborating and innovating to transform the industry and change the world. Ever forward.

DPR Management Committee

Atul, Dave, George, Greg, Jody, Mark, Matt, Michele, Mike

Editor's Note: Some of these stories were published in early 2020 and late 2019.

Featured Story

The Power of Prefab

The construction industry is developing new methods and improving productivity in response to customer needs, technological advances and labor-related challenges. Prefabrication is at the forefront of this evolution, delivering high-quality projects with lower costs and accelerated schedules. Digital prefabricated components used in construction today blend seamlessly into completed buildings and contribute to an efficient workflow.

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In This Edition

What's the Word: Navigating Disruption

DPR’s goals are to listen and respond to customer needs, take care of people and proceed on projects safely. We asked our leaders and field teams how they’re adjusting to the current climate.

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Revitalizing Urban Areas Through Adaptive Reuse

In shifting from the mid-century trend of downtown abandonment, organizations increasingly elect to adapt existing structures for reuse. This trend creates an opportunity to raise the bar in design and construction by transforming aging structures into high performing, sustainable buildings.

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Completing the New Wing for NorthBay Medical Center

The new medical center boasts first-of-its kind technology, built with the strategic use of virtual design and construction with prefabrication and an integrated delivery approach.

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Builders at our Core: Keeping Team Members Safe

Taking care of people has always been at the heart of DPR. As projects continue to move forward, we have adjusted how we work to protect employees and their families, as well as customers and communities. These safety measures enable DPR to continue delivering essential projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Cost to Retrofit

In today’s world data is king, and data centers are armor. When constructing a new data center, there are some integral things to consider. Do you undertake a ground-up project or do you retrofit an existing building, potentially cutting costs and accelerating schedule?

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DPR Takes the Lead in Digital Transformation

If there's one main lesson DPR has learned on its multi-decade digital transformation journey, it’s that the implementation of technology alone cannot deliver the level of results the industry has come to expect. Learn about DPR's digital transformation and the path forward.

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Houston's recenter hits VDC, prefab and self-perform trifecta

A Texas project is the latest example of the value and efficiency delivered when virtual design and construction is paired with digital prefabrication.

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Employee Volunteers Renovate 100-year-old House for Girls Rock CLT

From aesthetic upgrades to landscape and fencing replacements, DPR volunteers work yearlong to build possibilities for the under-resourced. One effort was the renovation of a 100-year-old house for Girls Rock CLT, a nonprofit dedicated to helping young people express themselves through music and film.

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DPR's Vested Interest in the Workforce

The future of construction is about creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. In line with this belief, and our commitment to safety and taking care of people, DPR announced a new safety vest. With an adjustable fit and other new features, the vest accommodates all body types in the field.

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By the Numbers

of its kind clinic for hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment at The Villages, Florida.

By the Numbers

number of square feet built each day at Houston’s recenter project, where VDC and prefabrication helped DPR complete work four times faster than with conventional materials

By the Numbers

number of participants in world’s largest cornhole tournament at DPR San Diego, which raised money for local charities and won a Guinness World Record.