Fall/Winter 2012 Issue

The latest news on DPR projects and people.

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Target Value Design Gaining Ground

TVD is gaining traction for helping create predictable cost outcomes for owners even on large projects designed and delivered over multiple years

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Built for Speed on the University of Texas Campus

DPR delivers one of the world's fastest supercomputers at the University of Texas

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Q&A: Green Data Centers

DPR's David Ibarra shares insights on green data centers

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Two Owners, Two Architects, Two Contractors

One landmark project in Phoenix unites two end users for the education of future healthcare professionals

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Across DPR

The latest news from around the country: Offices, Jobsites, Awards and Events

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Swift Engineering Links with DPR SSG

New working relationship between DPR and Swift results in a trio of projects

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Renovation in Occupied UVA Medical Research Facility

Teamwork key to one of the most complex renovation projects ever tackled on the campus

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Whitepaper Watch: A Better Integrated Big Room

Research shows that strategic collaboration can enhance productivity and garner greater savings

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Field Review: Minimizing Waste with ourPlan

Project success aided by pull planning for scheduling, with software that optimizes short-interval planning

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DPR projects recognized in ENR’s 2012 regional awards.

By the Numbers

World ranking of the supercomputer at the advanced computing facility at the University of Texas, as ranked by TOP500 Supercomputer Sites.

By the Numbers

Number of files from a large-scale hospital project studied for, “Making the Integrated Big Room Better.”