August 6, 2020

If These Walls Could Talk... They'd Say Design Management Leads to Quality

When a plane takes off, it looks like a graceful motion of the plane lifting from the ground and gradually rising out of sight. What isn’t seen is the work pilots do to adjust to even small factors ranging from weight, wind and even more. Construction, too, can look like every piece is moving just right at every moment.

Like pilots, many on the team work behind the scenes to make sure execution goes as planned. MEP professionals play a special role in this, leveraging technical building expertise with designers and other project partners to make sure what’s in the drawings becomes a reality in the field. Sometimes, that means collaboration to iron out the finer details of a design.

This edition of If These Walls Could Talk… looks at how MEP pros can make great things happen in design management to deliver quality.

June 9, 2020

If These Walls Could Talk... They'd Say VDC Gets Results

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes deliver value and foster predictable outcomes on almost every project that DPR executes. These processes are especially valuable when applied to the extremely complex and interconnected mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems.

In the latest installment of “If These Walls Could Talk…,” a few of DPR’s MEP professionals discuss how VDC processes allow them to recognize and mitigate constructability issues in the virtual world so they don’t materialize in the real one.

March 19, 2020

If These Walls Could Talk… They'd Say MEP Can Affect OpEx

Construction costs a lot, but so does keeping a building running for 50 years… or longer! Upgrading systems later is also costly and disruptive to building tenants or owners. There are more tools than ever to address these issues, though.

By bringing experts in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) construction to the table throughout a project – from design stages to execution in the field – customers can ensure their new facilities operate optimally, ideally supporting a lower total cost of ownership.

In the latest installment of “If These Walls Could Talk…,” DPR Construction MEP professionals describe how they collaborate with project partners and customers to deliver the best possible outcomes on every project.

January 31, 2020

If These Walls Could Talk... They'd Share MEP Stories

Buildings are, in some ways, like our bodies:

  • The skeletal system is like the structural elements of a building, supporting all that goes inside.
  • Our skin provides a protective barrier from the elements, protecting what’s inside, just as a building’s curtainwall does. Of course, our bodies rely on systems of veins, arteries, nerves and more to handle critical functions. A building does, as well; the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems are the “guts” of a building.

Just like our bodies’ systems, MEP systems are extremely intricate. Technical expertise is required to keep them in optimal health once up-and-running. Unlike the human body, buildings don’t have the benefit of nature to install every inch of the systems automatically and precisely. It takes MEP professionals engaging at every stage of the project to make sure that the systems that power, cool, heat and provide water for buildings and installed correctly and work as expected. They’re not cardiologists and neurologists… or are they, in a sense?

The work MEP professionals do is vital and most building occupants never see what goes into it because much of their work is shielded by the walls, floors and ceilings of a building. But, if these walls could talk, they’d share a lot of stories of how MEP pros made great things happen.

In this series, DPR Construction shines a light on the work of MEP professionals, from how they get involved to make sure designs come to life to how their work can help support lower operating expenses for facility owners.

In this first installment, we look at how MEP pros are among the unsung heroes of any construction project.