Since starting with DPR in 1991, Rocky Moss has played several different roles throughout the company. In 1996, he helped open and establish DPR's San Francisco office, serving as a business unit leader. In 2010, Rocky transitioned to a national role leading DPR’s Special Services Group (SSG) that focuses on customers' smaller project needs across all of DPR's core markets from hospitals to retail, from data centers to law firms, from bio-tech labs to trading floors. With the goal of bringing consistency of service around the country, Rocky loves the fast pace and intensity of SSG projects.

Rocky’s other passion is college recruiting. Rocky has been involved in DPR’s college recruiting program since the early days of DPR, specifically at Purdue and Michigan State University. In 2016, Rocky became the national leader for DPR's National College Recruiting program. DPR recruits at 30 schools across the country, employing 100 interns on a yearly basis.

  • They are all meaningful and favorites
  • Standing back and seeing what has been built and accomplished
  • My two grandsons
  • A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

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