Growing up playing sports, Phil Bartkowski always thrived when striving toward a common goal with a team. At DPR, he finds that preconstruction is the perfect field to build trust within a collaborative team early in the process, setting projects up for success. Leading DPR’s national preconstruction group, Phil works with teams across the globe to develop new tools and refine processes to push DPR ever forward in accuracy and reliability. He also leads preconstruction training and development efforts to encourage best practices that drive consistency and provide excellent service to our customers while making the best value decisions.

  • National Preconstruction Leader
  • Ever Forward
  • Spotify – although I miss my CD collection, it has opened my ears to so many new bands and genres of music that I might have never heard in a music store.
  • Be a lead guitarist in a band. Some of my guitar heroes have superpowers, I swear!
  • Somewhere new. I’m always up for an adventure!
  • History

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