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Nick Abay

Nick Abay

What started out as a after school job in high school of building fences, quickly ignited into a passion for building more and with impact. It was in these early days of construction that Nick learned the value of working hard and pushing forward, especially when challenges arise, and not stopping until you’ve met your commitments and completed the work. Having worked in most role’s construction has to offer, his time in the field really shaped him into the leader he is today.

Nick’s first project, after graduating from Sam Houston State University in 2002 with a B.S. in Construction Management, was at MD Anderson Cancer Center. To some, this might be just another project, but for Nick, this was the project that cemented his career as a builder. Shortly after the project completed, he met someone who benefited from the lifesaving treatment offered by the cancer center, and this forever changed his perspective to building and the impact it has on all those around.

Throughout his career, Nick’s continued to build for healthcare clients and specialty care facilities throughout the Central region. Additionally, he’s built multiple projects, varying in size and complexity, for customers in the Aviation, Hospitality, Higher Education and Commercial core markets.

Nick is now focusing on building in a different way. His focus is to help our teams build better and also helping our people grow and develop in their career. At the center of success is to say “yes” to new opportunities/challenges, be coachable, have fun, stay humble and try to keep a good sense of humor.

  • Role: Houston Business Unit Leader
  • What you love about construction: 1) The connections we make with all project team members, 2) Every project is different…no two days are the same, and you are always learning something new.
  • First job: Fence builder…technically, I was the guy mixing concrete in the wheelbarrow.
  • Best vacation spot: Anywhere there are mountains and poor cell service
  • Your hero: There are too many to pick one—anyone who selflessly serves others.
  • Most useful app: Yelp…because I am not a foodie, but I like to think I am.
  • Word to the wise (advice): Never give up, stay humble, and always maintain a sense of humor!

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