Mike Devens has more than 30 years’ experience in the engineering and construction industries and has been with DPR for over 20 years. He has progressed from project roles to opening DPR’s Denver regional office, and creating and leading the company’s Risk Management group. Mike has helped evolve the Risk Management group into a new vision for DPR risk management, combining project performance risks, insurance matters, safety and quality of work.  When it comes to technical expertise, Mike is unmatched in his experience with semiconductor wafer fabs, cleanrooms, data centers, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, biotech facilities, residential towers, managed care facilities, entertainment venues, and office buildings. When it comes to construction, Mike loves that it can bring together a diverse group of people or companies for a single purpose, which is building something tangible that will benefit our customers and make us proud.

  • Integrity
  • As a kid, mowing lawns. As an adult, 2nd Lieutenant/Platoon Leader, US Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Most places with palm trees and sand will do.