WHO we build is as important as WHAT we build.

DPR Construction is a learning organization. We recognize that continuous learning and training are keys to the success of individuals and project teams. Our goal is to be known for providing the best training opportunities in an environment that supports professional growth and development.

At DPR, we want everyone to be the manager of his or her own destiny when it comes to learning and improvement. We encourage external training, professional accreditations and industry conference participation, as well as offer a variety of internal training tools and programs:

DPR Training

Internal training consists of a mix of national and regional courses. Company-wide courses emphasize topics such as green construction, electrical systems, self-perform work, negotiating skills, time management and business development. Regional courses (such as safety, BIM and software programs) focus on the needs of each regional office, thus rounding out a tailored learning experience for all.

Current Best Practices

Started in April 1998, Current Best Practices (CBP) takes new employees through a three-day intensive training session with modules focused on DPR culture, operations, business, technology and interpersonal skills. New employees are encouraged to attend CBP, which is offered annually in various office locations, within their first year of working at DPR.

DPR Leadership Development

DPR also has developed an internal Leadership Development process for the continued growth and development of DPR’s current and future leaders. The DPR Leadership Development program includes:

  • Self awareness work (a custom-created 360 degree feedback tool and the MBTI personality profile).
  • External executive coaching to focus on the information gained from the self awareness work.
  • EXPLORE retreat for two and a half days, which allows a group of leaders to do self-exploration, as well as team development work.
  • Ongoing leader lab, where groups continue to develop themselves.

CBP Quote from new employee:

“In three short days, CBP did what normally takes months for a new hire to achieve on his or her own about the awareness of a new firm. The answers to all my questions were answered and even those I didn’t have. DPR is only my third firm in 24 years and I feel better acclimated than ever before.”