DPR Construction exists to build great things—great projects, great relationships, great teams, a truly great company with smart people and strong values.

We can give you many reasons why you should consider building your career at DPR, including world-class learning and development and industry leading benefits. But rather than listing all the reasons, we decided to share anecdotes from people who currently work here. The following are direct quotes from individuals pulled from DPR’s annual Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted confidentially by a third-party.

“This company allows you to excel at whatever you try. I feel I have a say in matters and it will be heard. It’s nice to see a company that does not require someone watching over your shoulder at all times. They definitely appreciate their employees and allow us to govern ourselves to success. But the most important attribute this company has for me, is they realize their employees have families and issues and need to take time off or leave early and they don’t make it an issue. I would recommend this place to anyone as the best place to work!!”

“DPR is truly a great place to work, where people are empowered to make decisions and set his/her own course. Even though it’s become a large national company, it still maintains the small company feel.”

“This company makes it fun to come to work everyday by offering people the ability to make their own decisions. DPR has a great interview process that ensures that the right people are hired into the company. DPR has the best people working for them because of this process.”

“I have worked in this industry since 1957, and among my previous employers are some of the most respected companies in the world. Nothing prepared me for the level of commitment and integrity by the managers and executives of DPR Construction towards its employees. Only God loves his job more than I do mine.”

“DPR is unique because they give everyone the opportunity to succeed. You are encouraged to take on as much responsibility as you want or can handle. They are very open/supportive to new ideas and ways of approaching things.”

“They give the employees freedom to be creative and thus the opportunity always exists for individual improvement. They value their people most of all and it feels good to go to work with friends and people you respect.”