Metal Stud Framers

Nashville, TN

Posted Jan 23, 2023

DPR Construction is looking for metal stud framers with at least 3 years of experience metal stud framing applications. Prospective candidates must be able to provide a high-quality product, read and understand drawings, and work as a team to maintain production.  


Job Requirements:

·       Thorough knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in Metal Stud Framing. 

·       Thorough operating knowledge of all metal framing hand tools and power tools, including their uses, repair and maintenance. 

·       Ability to communicate well with both management and crew.  

·       Ability to work with crew to successfully complete project. 

·       Ability to get along with people.

·       Ability to read and understand blueprints is a plus*

·       Ability to perform lay out is a plus*   

 Physical Requirements:

·       Climbing, standing, sitting, walking, reaching, bending, balancing, squatting and kneeling.

·       Ability to lift/push/pull up to 100 lbs.

·       Use of hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning and moving materials and manipulating things.

 Working Conditions:

·       Work occurs primarily in on-site environment and may be indoors or outdoors.  

·       May sometimes involve heights, exposure to hot or cold weather, loud noises, dust and fumes.

·       Must have own tools: Hand tools/ Cordless Screw Gun/Corded Screw Gun/Router/12gaCords/Cutting Drywall Knife/Tape Measure/Drywall Saw/T-Square, Laser, C Clamp 2& 4 ft Levels/Framing Square and or Speed Square/Snips.

·       All PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) Must be worn at all times (safety vest, protective eye-wear, hearing protection, gloves, sleeves as needed, hard hat, face shield, & approved foot wear).



Pay based on experience and capabilities.


DPR offers medical/dental/vision/life insurance and Paid Care Leave along with a 401(k) match for employees.

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