This design-bid-build work includes constructing a 35,170-sq.-ft., three-story addition adjacent to the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) headquarters building to provide space required to correct ongoing space deficiencies and consolidate essential headquarters personnel from outlying locations, and incidental related work. This project will also include selective demolition and interior renovations to portions of the 78,072-sq.-ft. existing facility to accommodate the new addition. Existing modular office buildings – placed on the site in 2001 – will be removed prior to construction. The project relocates and upgrades the existing data center into the proposed addition, in turn converting the remaining area for administrative use. Phased construction will be required to ensure the NEXCOM headquarters facility and data center remain online throughout the project.

The data center is the central hub for NEXCOM HQ Worldwide Operations 24x7 and continuity of operations is of utmost importance. All NEX Enterprise operations are reliant on the data center for computer operations, IT applications/systems, and electronic files necessary to conduct job functions. Loss of electrical power – or loss of two air conditioning units simultaneously – will interrupt access to the network, shared folders, intranet, internet, IT applications/systems, and VOIP phone systems worldwide. A full data center outage would also impact the NEXCOM mission essential functions, (ecommerce) website and Navy Lodge reservation systems. 


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