DPR completed this 250,000-sq.-ft. 20MW data center for a major software company in Quincy, Washington. The support facility will handle data processing storage for the company’s internet business operations.

The building shell is structural steel with pre-cast concrete panels. The site was overexcavated six feet below the finished floor to make room for 46 miles of underground conduit and 45,000 cubic yards of lean concrete backfill which will support this critical facility. Inside DPR built-out the infrastructure down to the remote power panels. A static UPS system with diesel generators provide the back-up power source.

This Confidential Software Provider joins a growing list of technology companies drawn to Quincy, a small farming town near the Columbia River in Grant County with a population just over 5,300. The town is attractive for its abundant land, inexpensive cheap power from the Columbia River and network of fiber optic cable lines.

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