DPR completed the build-out of a 112,000-sq.-ft. innovation center and office space at One Market in San Francisco. The move provides technologists, clients, partners and the Bay Area tech community an innovative space to jointly develop the next generation of commerce applications.

The space was designed to encourage dynamic interaction and real-time experimentation. The space attracts Bay Area technology talent who want to develop the next generation of commerce solutions by working with the industry leader in payments. The goal of the project was to provide a light, open, collaborative facility for innovation and flexibility.

The project included four primary components:

  1. Flexible, open and collaborative workplace with alternative workstation configurations, including 150 bench workstations
  2. The Client Briefing Center is 5,000 square feet and includes a large demo area, multiple conference rooms with a reception area. The space features LCD displays, a cashless café, AV and catering rooms.
  3. The Incubator space is 1,000 square feet and will consist of flexible furniture and will be equipped with multiple projection screens and LCD displays.
  4. The executive office area includes 12 executive offices, 9 standard offices, 24 huddle rooms and 2 rooms with soft seating for casual meetings.

Additional spaces included a 750-sq.-ft. telepresence room, a boardroom, conference rooms to support the workplace (650 seats) and a café/lounge area.

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