“Topping Off” at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford Expansion

In January 2015, the topping off ceremony marked the completion of structural steel erection of the 521,000 -sq.-ft., $1.1 billion hospital expansion.

Targeting Net-Zero Energy

DPR’s San Francisco office will be the company’s third net-zero office.

Building Information Modeling and Net-Zero Energy

With the proper use of building information modeling (BIM), building occupants can track and optimize performance, supporting total cost of ownership.

Value vs. Cost: An Owner’s Perspective

Perspective from the UHS Temecula Valley Hospital project.

We the Owners – Official Trailer

DPR is featured in the award-winning We the Owners documentary.

Green at DPR

DPR and LEED Dynamic Plaque
DPR’s San Francisco office and the U.S. Green Building Council’s headquarters in Washington, DC, are the first two to use the LEED Dynamic Plaque.

Evolution of Green Design at DPR Construction
DPR’s green evolution up until its second net-zero energy office in 2013.

A Living Lab
This video explains how DPR’s Phoenix office serves as a living laboratory that showcases the latest sustainable concepts. The success of the project demonstrates the viability of attaining net-zero energy operations within any environment—even a desert environment— and serves as a model for sustainable development and urban renewal.

Low Tech Meets High Tech
Sometimes simpler solutions are better. This video explains how DPR’s Phoenix office used a combination of established, ancient methods with modern technology to achieve its lofty sustainability goals.

Reuse of Existing Buildings
Old things can become new again. This video explains how green building does not necessarily require new construction. In the case of DPR’s Phoenix office, the team took an older retail building—seemingly at the end of its lifecycle— and turned limitations into opportunities.

Return on Investment
It’s a myth that reuse, LEED and green cost money in every circumstance; these strategies actually saved money for the DPR Phoenix office project. This video explains different incentives available and the return on investment of green systems.

Sustainability & Employee Satisfaction
This video explores the expectations of today’s workforce and the perks of the “Workplace of the Future,” with DPR’s Phoenix office project as a case study.

Walking in the Owner’s Shoes
Using DPR’s Phoenix office project as a case study, this video describes what it was like for DPR to act as the owner as well as the contractor, and the benefit of this experience to owners going forward.

Why Net-Zero?
Described as the next step in the sustainability charge, a net-zero energy building generates as much or more energy than it consumes. This video explains why DPR chose to pursue net-zero energy on the Phoenix office, its second net-zero energy office.

Life at DPR

Happy Holidays 2014 from DPR!

Safety at DPR
An interview with Rodney Spencley, DPR’s safety leader.

Lean Project Delivery Through Building Information Modeling
A 50 minute presentation by DPR’s Atul Khanzode and Dean Reed

Camino Side by Side
Collaborative Virtual Building proved itself on Camino Medical Group’s new 250,000-sq.-ft. medical office building with staggering results, including increased trade productivity and efficiency due to prefabrication and clash detection early on. See the technology in motion as real world results come from virtual solutions.

DPR San Diego Office - Bringing the Outside In
Targeting LEED Platinum certification and net zero energy usage

Life at DPR
Great teams build great things. See why DPR is a great place to work.

Being a Builder
Interviews with George Achica, Melanie Dodson, Sara Worthing, Troy Metcalfe, and Vic Julian on what it means to build great things.

Year in Review 2009

DPR Makes the Grade for 2009 Very Best LEARNING Organizations
DPR’s Cari Williams talks about training at DPR Construction, which ranked 4th on the American Society for Training and Development list of 2009 Very Best LEARNING Organizations.

Year in Review 2008

Camp 2010
DPR’s newest Management Committee member, George Pfeffer, talks about Camp 2010 and DPR’s mission to be one of the most admired companies by the year 2030.

The Autodesk 1 Market Team discusses the benefits and success of using integrated project delivery.

Stanford University Hospital & Clinics
DPR Project Manager Steve Sheahan talks about laser scanning technology used on the Stanford Outpatient Center.

UCSD Thornton Hospital
The team on the Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center and UCSD Thorton Hospital Expansion share the value of collaboration and teamwork between all team players to achieve great results.

DPR In The News

KPIX Earthwise, July 2007
Did you know that green buildings boost productivity and reduce building operation costs? DPR offers proven examples throughout the Carnegie Institute of Washington Global Ecology Center, one of the greenest buildings in the world, to illustrate how environmentally sound design and construction can have a positive, long-term impact on business.

KPIX Earthwise, December 2007
DPR uses technologies, like energy modeling, to find new solutions and increase building efficiency over the lifecycle of a facility. A spotlight on DPR's current project for Roche Molecular Systems that is using such technologies for sustainable success.

Management Team

Doug Woods
Co-founder and "D" of DPR on what we are trying to achieve.

Eric Lamb
Management Committee member on measuring results.

George Pfeffer
Management Committee member on quality as it relates to project success.

Jimmy Dolen
Management Committee member on being a builder.

Mike Ford
Management Committee member on taking care of customers.

Peter Salvati
Management Committee member on lasting relationships.