Upcoming Events

  • March 2017

  • ASHE PDC Summit 2017

    Orlando, Florida

    National Healthcare Core Market Leader, Hamilton Espinosa, will be presenting with Banner Health, Shepley Bulfinch and Affiliated Engineers on The Big Room: Good, Bad and (Sometimes) Ugly, which focuses on the Big Room of Banner University Medical Center Tucson. DPR will also be hosting our annual hospitality event on March 13th. 

  • Bisnow Dallas State of the Market

    Dallas, Texas

    DPR is sponsoring this event and Jeff Parsons will participate in a panel discussion.

  • Bisnow Austin State of the Market

    Austin, Texas

    DPR is sponsoring this event and Bryan Kent will participate in a panel discussion.

  • April 2017

  • Bisnow Seattle Data Center Event 2017

    Seattle, Washington

    DPR is sponsoring this event and Mark Thompson will participate in a panel discussion.

  • May 2017

  • Singapore Management University Workshop


    DPR's Joseph Yau will speak about driving change and opportunities in building innovations and productivity. 

  • June 2017

  • Bisnow National Healthcare West 2017

    Los Angeles, California

    DPR is sponsoring this super regional event and will participate in a panel discussion.

Recent Events

  • February 2017

  • 2nd Hilti Expert Forum, Building Information Modeling

    Frankfurt, Germany

    DPR's Atul Khanzode will present on the topic of BIM in the United States. 

  • January 2017

  • Bisnow Atlanta Construction & Development

    Atlanta, Georgia

    DPR is sponsoring this event and Chris Bontrager will participate in a panel discussion.

  • December 2016

  • Bisnow Future of Downtown Austin

    Austin, Texas

    DPR is sponsoring this event.

  • Bisnow Silicon Valley Construction & Development Forum

    San Jose, California

    DPR is a sponsor and Rob Westover will be a panelist.

  • November 2016

  • Integrated Project Delivery 2016

    San Francisco, California

    DPR's Jason Herrera will discuss reliability, trust and performance on IPD teams. 

  • Autodesk University 2016

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    DPR's Josh Destefano will be speaking in the session titled, "Laser Scanning Basics and Applications in Concrete Construction". 

    This class will explain the fundamentals of laser scanning, explore its value and application in building construction, and reveal how reality-capture tools are shaping the future of the industry. 

  • Healthcare Design Conference

    Houston, Texas

    DPR will be holding our annual hospitality event on November 14th.

  • Bisnow’s Annual Data Center Investment Expo 2016

    Dallas, Texas

    DPR is an event sponsor. Mark Thompson will moderate the Site Selection panel and Andy Andres will participate in the Development & Design panel discussion.

  • Construction Executive Forum

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    DPR's Dean Reed will give a presentation he has created especially for the CE Forum titled, “Valuable,High Performing Buildings: Why, How and What.” He will explain the “Simple Framework for Integrating Project Delivery” as both an imperative and strategy for creating high performing, valuable buildings for all stakeholders within financial and time constraints. Dean will also share his insider’s perspective about how owners can become better customers by challenging design and construction firms to think and act as partners in a Lean, integrated project enterprise.

  • RICS: Core Principles of BIM; People, Process, and Technology


    DPR's Joseph Yau and Alice Yeung will speak about the benefits of BIM to an organization's efficiency and productivity. 

  • Bisnow’s National Healthcare Expansion & Innovation Series

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    George Hurley will be a panelist and DPR is an event sponsor.

  • Bisnow’s Office Leasing & Development Series - BOLD West

    San Francisco, California

    Mike Humphrey will participate in the "Sustainbility and Offices of the Future" panel discussion. DPR is an event sponsor.

  • October 2016

  • Tradeline’s College and University Science and Engineering Facilities 2016

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Benchmark your plans for renovations, expansions, and new construction against what leading institutions are doing to sucessfully grow their science teaching and research programs.

    DPR's Peter Berg will be speaking in a session titled "Fast Track and High Value: The University of Arizona Biomedical Sciences Partnership". This session will highlight solutions for delivering highly complex science facilities in a short time, even when scientific program requirements are unknown. 

  • 7x24 Exchange 2016 Fall Conference

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Marisa McGough will participate in the Data Center Delivery & Operations panel discussion, organized by the 7x24 Exchange Women in Mission Critical Operations Committee (WiMCO).

    The panelists will deliver a dynamic discussion, sharing real work examples on how to be successful in your career while delivering on your core professional objectives. This panel will provide views from construction, operations and health and safety on current technical and business trends. 

  • Bisnow Dallas-Ft. Worth 2016 Development & Construction Forum

    Dallas, Texas

    DPR is sponsoring this event and Jeff Parsons will be a panelist.

    Discussiion topics will include: development challenges and successes, site selection, construction costs and financing, and emerging trends.