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February 4, 2016

Ramping Up SPW Operational Excellence

In 2014, DPR’s self-perform work (SPW) group in Florida logged less than 50,000 work hours across the state. Fast-forward one year, and the group closes out 2015 with more than double that—115,000 work hours. The reason behind this rapid growth? Hiring, training, and giving crews the right tools to complete projects for the Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach offices. 

“From day one, our initial focus was to hire the right team, and build technical expertise in our crews,” said Charles Wiggins, DPR Florida’s lead self-perform estimator.

On one current SPW Florida project—a 200,000-sq.-ft. hospitality renovation—the team is putting technology to use in modeling framing components with a focus on prefabrication, which is not only improving quality but will shorten the schedule when compared to a traditional framing installation.

With new projects breaking ground across the country, an SPW mentorship program will begin this year, aimed at bringing up young talent in the industry and creating future leaders. 

Get the full story on our SPW work here.  

January 28, 2016

DPR Corner: Proud Technical Builders

Our people are passionate about technical projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. As the industry and DPR evolve, things have changed over the last 25 years; however, technical expertise has always been one of our defining strategies.

When asked to define technical expertise, our customers most often responded with answers including mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and other discipline expertise, lessons learned from relevant experience and know-how. DPR agrees. We ask our employees to know our customers’ business, industry and values as well as they know their own so we can offer real value throughout the life of a project. 

Additionally, we want our builders to understand the “why,” “how” and “what” of every project. It’s imperative to know “why” each building system is selected for a particular project and “why” it makes economic sense over the life cycle of the building. We want to be hands-on with the “what” of each system and the “how” that system is installed, tested, started-up and commissioned. We want all of our project teams to take personal ownership in building technical expertise. 

We are proud that our customers recognize DPR’s technical expertise—and we will continue to challenge ourselves to develop the next generation of technical builders that will build great things for the future.

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January 22, 2016

Trust is Key for First IPD Data Center for Digital Realty

DPR’s longstanding relationship with Digital Realty (DLR), forged over the course of more than a decade and more than 150 successful data center projects across the U.S., laid the groundwork for DLR’s first time using integrated project delivery (IPD) on a data center project in Richardson, TX.

By entering into a seven-party integrated form of agreement (IFOA), the IPD team shared all project risks and rewards on the $37.3 million, 140,000-sq.-ft. project. 

Like any challenging data center project, DLR's data center saw its fair share of challenges, such as schedule pressure due to intense rainfall, and the fact that this was the first IPD project that many of the firms involved had ever undertaken. However, the project was completed on the original 10-month schedule in July, approximately $500,000 under the original targeted value. The DLR data center came to be a true testament of what can be accomplished by a solution-oriented team backed by a high degree of trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to finish on time and under budget. 

To learn more, read the full article here

January 12, 2016

Looking Back on 25 Years and Forward to the Next 25

After celebrating 25 years of building great things, DPR co-founders Doug Woods, Peter Nosler and Ron Davidowski reflect on setting out to build something different in an industry traditionally resistant to change.

D, P and R expressed the importance of balance and continuing to adapt quickly as the company continues to grow. Why? "Being both entrepreneurial and disciplined has helped us become one of the leading builders in the country. If we can maintain that balance through our next phase of growth, there is nothing we cannot accomplish in the next 25 years and beyond."

When employees asked what advice they would give the next generation of leadership, they said it was simply about having the “right whos in the right seats” and providing them with the right opportunities and monstrous challenges to continue to develop and grow.

Finally, when questioned if DPR has truly "made it" yet, Doug, Peter, and Ron responded with, "For us, there has been no single defining moment but a series of opportunities and challenges that have impacted the company DPR is today and made us stronger. Not quite sure if we’ve 'made it' yet, but one thing is for certain, we will never stop trying."

Read the entire Q&A with Doug, Peter, and Ron here

January 8, 2016

DPR Craftsmen Recognized for Commitment to Safety

Building and maintaining a culture of safety takes the effort and commitment of every individual who sets foot on a DPR jobsite.

Just before the holiday, the Mid-Atlantic and Bay Area DPR offices held annual craft holiday luncheons and honored thirty DPR-employed craftsmen with the Troy Metcalfe Safety Award for surpassing 10,000 injury-free work hours. The award was first started in the Bay Area in 1997 and has been rewarding safe work practices among DPR employees ever since.

This marked the first time the Mid-Atlantic region gave out this award, which is named after Troy Metcalfe, the first DPR craftsperson to reach this prestigious goal. 

The award was given to the following DPR Mid-Atlantic employees, which covers Richmond, Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. area:

10,000 injury-free work hours 
Oscar Claros Amaya
Genry Reyes Alvarez
Eduardo Avila
Jesus Guzman Luna
Ruben Guzman Luna
Jose Miranda
Valdir Orellana
Arthur Payne
Cesar Ortiz Ramirez
Wilbur (Bud) Shoup, Jr.

The award was given to the following DPR Bay Area employees, which covers DPR’s San Francisco, Redwood City and San Jose offices:

10,000 injury-free work hours 
Ricardo Fernandez
Francisco Franco
Juan Gonzalez
Manuel Pat Gonzalez
Jose Martinez
Gilberto Orozco
Anthony Pacheco
Antonio Perez
Santos Poblano
Jose Rodriguez
Demetri Williams
Dustin Wynne

20,000 injury-free work hours 
Cesar Rodriguez Gonzalez
Leonardo Heredia
Jose Ramos
Pedro Rodriguez
Jose Flores Velasco

30,000 injury-free work hours 
David Guereca
George Sweet

40,000 injury-free work hours 
Ramon Tapia

Every recipient of this award embodies our dedication to achieving an Injury-Free Environment, a goal DPR has set to ensure that there are zero incidents on every project. To celebrate their hard work and commitment to putting safety first on the jobsite, each recipient was given one week additional paid vacation time and $2,000 in travel expenses.

January 4, 2016

Project Awards, Milestones, and More Across DPR

As we wrap up our 25th anniversary year, check out the latest good news from all over DPR. Here is a snapshot of company news, including project milestones, community outreach, industry events, and awards in the Across DPR section of the latest DPR Review newsletter.

Some highlights include:

Two-year-old Isabella helps the project team put the final tile into place at the new Nemours Children’s Hospital’s new Ronald McDonald House (Photo Credit: Ronald McDonald House

December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays from DPR Construction!

Happy holidays from 2090, the year DPR has finally figured out time travel. Join us on a trip back to our momentous 25th anniversary year and take a look back on 2015.

December 21, 2015

It’s a Wrap! 25th Anniversary Recap

As the new year approaches, 2015 comes to an end and so does the celebration of our 25th Anniversary. We are proud of everything we have accomplished since our humble beginnings in 1990 with just 11 employees, to now with 3,000-plus employees who have contributed to our 80 million work hours.  

Since our very first project at Argo, we have completed 8,700 projects and counting. These projects give us the opportunity to work with amazing customers who aspire to leave a long-lasting impact on the communities around them. This, we have in common. DPR has supported 25 community organizations with over $4.2 million and countless volunteer hours, because being integral and indispensable to the communities in which we work is ingrained in DPR culture.

Our 25th anniversary has given us a chance to reflect on our history as a construction company and highlight some of the great things that make DPR what it is today. For example: 

*This blog post is part of a series that celebrates DPR's silver anniversary and focuses on 25 great things from the company from over 25 years. Here's the last one

December 18, 2015

‘Tis the Season to be Thankful

The holidays are a perfect time to look back on 2015 and reflect on the people in your life that you are thankful for. So this holiday season, DPR would like to give thanks for all of our amazing customers

Since 1990, DPR has worked with half of Fortune’s top 50 “World’s Most Admired Companies.” For this we are grateful, because our customers inspire us to keep striving for excellence. We appreciate the confidence our customers have in us and are proud of the work we have accomplished together. 

But one of the main reasons we're thankful for our customers? They change the world. Manufacturing new medicine, educating the next generation, or inventing new technologies, our customers are constantly leaving a positive impact on the world around them, and DPR is proud to be a part of that.

With customers like these, DPR has a lot to be thankful for every day. 

*This blog post is part of a series that celebrates DPR's silver anniversary and focuses on 25 great things from the company from over 25 years. Here's the last one

December 16, 2015

Ronald McDonald House Topping Out in Orlando, FL

In November, the DPR project team at the Ronald McDonald House at Nemours Children’s Hospital celebrated with a traditional topping out ceremony. The ceremony marks the occasion where the team raises the final beam in place, signifying the completion of vertical construction.

More than 80 guests including design team members, crews, Nemours Children’s Hospital staff, and Ronald McDonald House staff and board of directors enjoyed a BBQ lunch and ceremonial raising of the beam.

Known as “The House That Love Built,” the final beam raised included numerous signatures from project team members, as well as hundreds of paper hearts signed with messages of encouragement from community supporters. 

Project completion is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Read an update in the Orlando Business Journal here, and watch a clip of the event here.

Photo Credits: Jeff Leimbach, JL Photo-Graphic