January 8, 2016

DPR Craftsmen Recognized for Commitment to Safety

Building and maintaining a culture of safety takes the effort and commitment of every individual who sets foot on a DPR jobsite.

Just before the holiday, the Mid-Atlantic and Bay Area DPR offices held annual craft holiday luncheons and honored thirty DPR-employed craftsmen with the Troy Metcalfe Safety Award for surpassing 10,000 injury-free work hours. The award was first started in the Bay Area in 1997 and has been rewarding safe work practices among DPR employees ever since.

This marked the first time the Mid-Atlantic region gave out this award, which is named after Troy Metcalfe, the first DPR craftsperson to reach this prestigious goal. 

The award was given to the following DPR Mid-Atlantic employees, which covers Richmond, Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. area:

10,000 injury-free work hours 
Oscar Claros Amaya
Genry Reyes Alvarez
Eduardo Avila
Jesus Guzman Luna
Ruben Guzman Luna
Jose Miranda
Valdir Orellana
Arthur Payne
Cesar Ortiz Ramirez
Wilbur (Bud) Shoup, Jr.

The award was given to the following DPR Bay Area employees, which covers DPR’s San Francisco, Redwood City and San Jose offices:

10,000 injury-free work hours 
Ricardo Fernandez
Francisco Franco
Juan Gonzalez
Manuel Pat Gonzalez
Jose Martinez
Gilberto Orozco
Anthony Pacheco
Antonio Perez
Santos Poblano
Jose Rodriguez
Demetri Williams
Dustin Wynne

20,000 injury-free work hours 
Cesar Rodriguez Gonzalez
Leonardo Heredia
Jose Ramos
Pedro Rodriguez
Jose Flores Velasco

30,000 injury-free work hours 
David Guereca
George Sweet

40,000 injury-free work hours 
Ramon Tapia

Every recipient of this award embodies our dedication to achieving an Injury-Free Environment, a goal DPR has set to ensure that there are zero incidents on every project. To celebrate their hard work and commitment to putting safety first on the jobsite, each recipient was given one week additional paid vacation time and $2,000 in travel expenses.

January 4, 2016

Project Awards, Milestones, and More Across DPR

As we wrap up our 25th anniversary year, check out the latest good news from all over DPR. Here is a snapshot of company news, including project milestones, community outreach, industry events, and awards in the Across DPR section of the latest DPR Review newsletter.

Some highlights include:

Two-year-old Isabella helps the project team put the final tile into place at the new Nemours Children’s Hospital’s new Ronald McDonald House (Photo Credit: Ronald McDonald House

December 23, 2015

DPR Continues to Build Relationship with Boys & Girls Club in Metro Richmond

More than a dozen DPR Richmond, VA, office volunteers and family members recently helped make the holidays a little brighter for an estimated 150 local children at a winter Solstice dinner at the Southside Boys & Girls Club.

Photo courtesy Diane Rossini

The DPR volunteers assisted with dinner service and participated in games, craft-making and other activities during the Dec. 11 event, delivering a special night for area children who rely on the Boys & Girls Club for a variety of services. In addition to dinner, the children and volunteers enjoyed playing football on the unusually balmy night and participated in a variety of take-home crafts including picture frames, jewelry-making and face-painting.

Darricka Carter, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond, commented, “DPR's support made it possible for our Southside Club to plan a fun-filled holiday event that was exciting for every kid in the Club!"  

Diane Rossini, who helped organize the volunteer effort for DPR and serves as community liaison with the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond, noted that the December event is just the latest in DPR’s expanding relationship with the five-clubhouse Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond.

Photo courtesy Diane Rossini

“It’s been a rewarding organization to work with,” Rossini commented. “The club members clearly benefit from the stability and support the Boys & Girls Club provides.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs in the Richmond area is stepping up its focus on supporting a previously underserved teen age group in the region with career and educational services, and there are plans on the books to build a separate teen center.

For its part, DPR is planning to participate in major quarterly events with the clubs, including putting on a School of Construction event in the fall of 2016. DPR will also employ its building expertise to assist with several facilities maintenance projects – something that is particularly needed since the aging facilities now range up to 90 years old.

December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays from DPR Construction!

Happy holidays from 2090, the year DPR has finally figured out time travel. Join us on a trip back to our momentous 25th anniversary year and take a look back on 2015.

December 21, 2015

It’s a Wrap! 25th Anniversary Recap

As the new year approaches, 2015 comes to an end and so does the celebration of our 25th Anniversary. We are proud of everything we have accomplished since our humble beginnings in 1990 with just 11 employees, to now with 3,000-plus employees who have contributed to our 80 million work hours.  

Since our very first project at Argo, we have completed 8,700 projects and counting. These projects give us the opportunity to work with amazing customers who aspire to leave a long-lasting impact on the communities around them. This, we have in common. DPR has supported 25 community organizations with over $4.2 million and countless volunteer hours, because being integral and indispensable to the communities in which we work is ingrained in DPR culture.

Our 25th anniversary has given us a chance to reflect on our history as a construction company and highlight some of the great things that make DPR what it is today. For example: 

*This blog post is part of a series that celebrates DPR's silver anniversary and focuses on 25 great things from the company from over 25 years. Here's the last one

December 18, 2015

‘Tis the Season to be Thankful

The holidays are a perfect time to look back on 2015 and reflect on the people in your life that you are thankful for. So this holiday season, DPR would like to give thanks for all of our amazing customers

Since 1990, DPR has worked with half of Fortune’s top 50 “World’s Most Admired Companies.” For this we are grateful, because our customers inspire us to keep striving for excellence. We appreciate the confidence our customers have in us and are proud of the work we have accomplished together. 

But one of the main reasons we're thankful for our customers? They change the world. Manufacturing new medicine, educating the next generation, or inventing new technologies, our customers are constantly leaving a positive impact on the world around them, and DPR is proud to be a part of that.

With customers like these, DPR has a lot to be thankful for every day. 

*This blog post is part of a series that celebrates DPR's silver anniversary and focuses on 25 great things from the company from over 25 years. Here's the last one

December 16, 2015

Ronald McDonald House Topping Out in Orlando, FL

In November, the DPR project team at the Ronald McDonald House at Nemours Children’s Hospital celebrated with a traditional topping out ceremony. The ceremony marks the occasion where the team raises the final beam in place, signifying the completion of vertical construction.

More than 80 guests including design team members, crews, Nemours Children’s Hospital staff, and Ronald McDonald House staff and board of directors enjoyed a BBQ lunch and ceremonial raising of the beam.

Known as “The House That Love Built,” the final beam raised included numerous signatures from project team members, as well as hundreds of paper hearts signed with messages of encouragement from community supporters. 

Project completion is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Read an update in the Orlando Business Journal here, and watch a clip of the event here.

Photo Credits: Jeff Leimbach, JL Photo-Graphic

December 14, 2015

How to Build a World-Class Hospital Complex with Care, Compassion and Collaboration

How did the team for the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay in San Francisco successfully accommodate $55 million worth of changes to the project midway through construction without adversely impacting the budget and scheduled opening date?

“By embracing and planning for change,” said J. Stuart Eckblad, Executive Director of Major Capital Projects for UCSF Medical Center. 

As shown in the infographic below, the almost decade-long journey to create the $1.5 billion, 878,00-sq.-ft. world-class medical center included 1,200 designers and builders—250 of which co-located together.

The integrated, high-performing team delivered final results including $200 million in savings, improved quality and completion eight days ahead of schedule.   

With an on-time opening of Feb. 1, the 289-bed medical center includes Benioff Children’s, Bakar Cancer and Betty Irene Moore Women’s Hospitals.


Learn more about the project—the collaborative approach, how the team determined the most effective approach and used BIM—in this story or this extended case study.

Photo Credit: Rien van Rijthoven

December 10, 2015

The Rewards of Awards

Companies that win awards, win rewards beyond the accolades.

That’s the conclusion of two separate studies that sought to determine whether awards deliver tangible benefits to the companies that receive them.

A study released earlier this year by jobs and recruiting firm Glassdoor found that companies that rank on “best employers” lists—an indication of employee satisfaction—experienced higher returns and financial performance than the overall stock market during the last six years. Meanwhile, companies with low employee satisfaction ratings have underperformed the overall market during that same period.

Since 2009, a portfolio of companies on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” outperformed the S&P 500 by 84 percent (for five consecutive years, DPR has ranked in the Top 25 of Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For”).

Additionally, a similar portfolio of companies on Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” outperformed the overall market by nearly 116 percent (and DPR gets 4.6 out of 5 stars in reviews on Glassdoor.)

Research conducted more than a decade earlier by Kevin Hendricks and Vinod Singhal, which is still cited as the benchmark of assessing the value of total quality management (TQM) principles, found that corporate quality awards had an impact on bottom-line business results. The researchers found that over a 10-year period, more than 600 corporate winners of quality awards had 48% higher growth in operating income and 37% higher growth in sales compared to the control group. Award winners also outperformed the controls on return on sales, growth in employees and growth in assets.

That said, we are honored that you like us and the work that we do!

Some examples of recent awards include:

  • Eagle award for excellence in construction, from the ABC of the Carolinas to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Dining Hall Renovation and Expansion project 
  • Large builder of the year, given by the West Palm Beach chapter of the American Institute of Architects
  • Award of merit, from ENR Southwest to the Banner Boswell Medical Center Hybrid Operating Room project
  • Corporate safety award, given by the Associated General Contractors of Metro Washington 

For more, check out our awards here.

*This blog post is part of a series that celebrates DPR's silver anniversary and focuses on 25 great things from the company from over 25 years. Here's the last one

December 8, 2015

Milagro Center Recognizes DPR, and Ambassador of the Year

DPR’s goal to become indispensable to the communities in which it works was reinforced in the West Palm Beach region recently by one of its key community beneficiaries – the Milagro Center.

This fall the Center recognized DPR employee Luke Stocking with an “Ambassador of the Year” Award, while also heralding DPR’s corporate efforts supporting the center’s youth programs with both financial and hands-on support. In addition to Stocking, West Palm Beach office regional leader for DPR, Deborah Beetson, also serves on the Milagro board of directors.

Pictured at the award ceremony are DPR's Theresa Kinsloe, Adriana Martinengo-Rosenberg, and Luke Stocking. Photo courtesy the Milagro Center.

Both Stocking and DPR as a corporate contributor were highlighted at a volunteer recognition event in October. Barbara Stark, President and CEO of Milagro Center, offered these comments on Stocking’s work and DPR’s commitment to the program: “Luke is more than just an ambassador sitting as a committee member on our ambassador committee. He’s really taken it to the next level. To us, Luke is a miracle. He has made so many things possible for us that we never thought would be possible. Combining what Luke does as an ambassador for Milagro Center with the monetary grant proceeds that we get each year from DPR, in addition to the help they give us with construction projects and now with our teen center development programs – it’s been absolutely amazing and had such remarkable affects both on our center and our foundation as well as on the lives of our kids.”

Stocking has championed DPR’s efforts with Milagro center for the past two years. The primary efforts in 2015 and those planned for the year ahead are on further growing Milagro Center’s Teen Center and the programs in which local teens participate. He has spearheaded several impactful initiatives that capitalize on DPR's skills over the past year, including a career day with the Milagro teens, a three-session Construction School where youths learned about jobsite safety, power tools and career options, and a project to build and install countertops to create a dedicated homework area for the club.

In 2016, plans are in the works for a hands-on workbench design and build in the fall, ongoing career development talks delivered by DPR employees, and a spring project being planned for the Center’s “Star” program serving elementary school age children.

DPR hosted a three-session Construction School that introduced Milagro Center youth to many facets of working in construction. Day 1 of the school is highlighted in this video. Photo and video courtesy Adriana Martinengo-Rosenberg.

For Stocking, the time put into Milagro Center serving on the committee and helping the center with various construction and educational contributions brings a sense of deep personal gratification. “It is rewarding to see the effort we are putting in to the Center be recognized and appreciated,” he says. “The award means that we are truly becoming indispensable to our community.”

Milagro Center’s mission is to enrich children’s lives through cultural arts, academic support and living values. The nonprofit serves at-risk children, youth and families living at or below the federal poverty level in South Florida.