• “DPR has really been flexible and worked to get the end user what they wanted, even with items outside the design narrative. They do a great job and are constantly seeking alternate ways to look at the project scope and schedule in order to make the client happy.”

    David Daido
    Project Manager, Appian Realty Advisors

  • “This was a challenging building by design. DPR took that challenge on and at the end of the day delivered the building on time, per the schedule, and managed the budget along the way. I think DPR demonstrated great persistence and dedication. While inevitably there were challenges, we had a very respectful relationship and understanding that we were all, both from an owner’s and a contractor’s perspective, trying to do the same thing: complete an amazing facility.”

    David Zaccardelli
    Executive Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development and Operations, United Therapeutics Corporation

  • “We are very happy with the DPR team. They are very careful with our money, and we really appreciate that. One of the things we like about DPR is they are very innovative and always look for new and better ways to do things.”

    Howard Wilson
    former Executive Vice President of Administration, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • “ Laboratories are complicated – even small ones. DPR manned the project appropriately and made our lives easier. They executed all of the typical CM activities, but they did so a bit better than others. Their process was smoother, more efficient and transparent.”

    Justin Johnson
    Director of Design and Construction, Scott & White

  • “DPR performed not only as a ‘great general contractor’ but as a ‘trusted partner.’ Despite all the twists and turns that shutdowns bring, each and every member of your DPR team displayed the ‘can do’ attitude, perseverance and dogged determination necessary to get us through this challenging shutdown.”

    Marty Maglinte
    Facility Project Manager, BioMarin

  • “ For the college, this [Instructional Arts Building] was the most difficult project we’ve ever done – the largest and most complicated building. But sometimes the greatest challenges make the greatest successes. I think this is one of those cases. And, we couldn’t have done it without DPR, no doubt about it.”

    Mike Miller
    Director of Facilities Planning and Management, Butte-Glenn Community College District

  • “For the first time in my career, I really don’t want a project to end. The DPR team has continually provided leadership and inspiration, challenging us all to raise the bar.”

    Randy Leopold
    Principal Architect, UCSD Facilities Design and Construction

  • “The BIM assistance that DPR provided the design team on Lanier Tech Forsyth greatly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the project from the start, and is a glimpse of the future that I hope to reach regarding a working model for the colleges to use on a regular basis.”

    Rob Alden
    Executive Director of Facilities Management, Technical College System of Georgia

  • “ DPR has proved to be a very good partner, and I think a lot of it has to do with [the fact that] they're innovative and they work to understand our business needs and how to add some value into the process.”

    Steve Kundich
    Vice President, Digital Realty Trust